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Love Wool

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Love Wool tripster-and-smith-union-jack-throw-graphic

We know wool is warm, cozy and great to snuggle up to, so we can turn down the thermostat! Here are 5 other reasons to love wool…


  • Wool is naturally anti-static. Static attracts dirt and dust. Great news for your lovely wool throw as its anti-static qualities keep it cleaner for longer. Just hang it up on the line to air very now and then, preferably on a windy day, to keep it fresh

  • Wool fibres overlap each other like scales. This means that any accidental spills on to your throw will initially sit on the surface of the wool fibres. This gives you time to blot up the liquid before it gets absorbed, so your wool blanket is relatively easy to care for

  • Wool is naturally flame retardant and hard to ignite because of the high levels of water and nitrogen in the fibres. This means wool doesn’t melt or produce nasty fumes in a fire

  • Wool has hypoallergenic qualities. It is resistant to bacteria, mould and mildew and its and even dust mites find it difficult to tolerate the woolly environment

  • Wool helps purify the air as it can absorb pollutants within its fibre core without releasing them 

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